Croissant au Beurre

Must Try Croissant au Beurre
Croissant au Beurre Croissant au Beurre Croissant au Beurre

16 layers of uniquely flaky texture and pronounced fluffy butter mesh interior.
Artisanally made over 4 days using French butter. Baked fresh daily.

Imagine. Seductive aroma of pure French butter goodness.
Alluring curves of golden beauty wrapped in blisters of tan.
Distinct crackling sound of shatter-crisp flakes.
Lightness of air in your hands.
That's our butter croissants. With skill, passion and love.
Indescribably delicious.

Pre-order from our website before 5pm for next-day pick-up or delivery.
For bulk order above 10 pieces, please allow 5 days for collection upon confirmation of payment.

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The Flours

Maintaining the quality of products from seed to our range of viennoisseries, we use high-quality flours made from grains grown in environmentally-friendly agriculture. Blending the select flours also provide a unique texture and aroma for our croissants.

  • Pan Shokunin, unbleached wheat flour from Taiyo Flour Milling, Japan
  • Mélanger stone-milled, unbleached wheat flour from Taiyo Flour Milling, Japan

    84% Extra Dry French Butter

    Made using traditional methods by the expertise of its master butter makers through churning carefully selected creams and exclusive lactic ferments.

    The Method: Respectus Panis - with respect to bread

    Our Croisserie’s signature croissants. It took 3 days of preparation to bake one!
    Day 1: Pâte Fermentée
    Day 2: Main Dough
    Day 3: Lamination & Shaping
    Day 4: Bake!

    All our bakes are free of artificial improvers and preservatives.