Must Try Canelés
Canelés Canelés Canelés

A petite French pastry originated from Bordeaux, flavoured with real vanilla beans. Featuring a sublime contrast of dark mahogany, caramelized crust with a tender, creamy, flan-like center. We bake these in copper molds every morning!

The best way to eat it? Hold this little magical treat on one hand, and take a big bite out of it like an apple. You would finish it within seconds!

Pre-order from our website before 5pm for next-day pick-up or delivery.
For bulk order above 10 pieces, please allow 5 days for collection upon confirmation of payment.

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  • Description

The Flours

A light flour with a fine texture.

  • Violet confectionery flour from Nisshin Flour Milling, Japan

    French Butter

    Made using traditional methods through churning carefully selected creams.

    Real Vanilla Beans

    The superbly rich vanilla flavour in its lovely, creamy custard center is from real vanilla bean seeds. To accentuate these flavours, we leave split vanilla beans in the batter for one day before baking.