Quiche Saumon épinards

Must Try Quiche Saumon épinards

Smoked Salmon & Baby Spinach Quiche.

A classic Northern France savoury dish of pâte brisée filled with egg custard appareil à crème, SmokeHouse Fishery's traditional smoked Norwegian salmon and Highland fresh baby spinach.

Deeply savoury & satisfying!

With Soup & Salad?
  • Description

The Flours

A light flour with a fine texture.

  • Violet confectionery flour from Nisshin Flour Milling, Japan

    House-made Pâte Brisée
    All Butter Pie Crust Using French Butter & Cream

    Made using traditional methods by the expertise of its master butter makers through churning carefully selected creams and exclusive lactic ferments.

    Appareil à Crème Quiche Filling
    Using French Cream & Emmental Cheese

    Milk of French origin, lactic ferments and salt.
    Made true to Normandy dairy tradition.
    Allowed to mature at length, revealing a mild, fruity flavour.

    The Additions

  • SmokeHouse Fishery's traditional smoked Norwegian salmon
  • Highland fresh baby spinach