Baguette Levain

Must Try Baguette Levain
Baguette Levain Baguette Levain Baguette Levain

Our quintessential baguette speaks of time, care and craftsmanship.
Made with only the simplest ingredients: flour, water, levain and salt.
Leavened with levain (sourdough), the dough goes through long autolyse and long cold fermentation stages - breaking down complex gluten, as well as developing flavour complexities and characteristics. Baked bien cuit (well done).

A total effort of 48 hours spanned over 3 days from start to finish; giving you crispy caramelised crust; glossy, fluffy crumb rippled with airy holes; and aroma of subtle grains.
The taste of REAL bread!

Pre-order from our website before 5pm for next-day pick-up or delivery.
For bulk order above 10 loaves, please allow 5 days for collection upon confirmation of payment.

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The Flours

Maintaining the quality of our products from seed to bread, we use high-quality flours made from grains grown in environmentally-friendly agriculture; and flours milled the traditional way, on a stone wheel, which allows conservation of the wheat germ.

  • Mélanger stone-milled, unbleached wheat flour from Taiyo Flour Milling, Japan
  • Les Moulin d’Antoine stone-milled, unbleached wheat flour from France

    The Method: Respectus Panis - with respect to bread

    Our baguettes are baked using the Respectus Panis technique. We use levain (sourdough), a small percentage of yeast and minimal amount of salt. Gentle mixing and long fermentation spanned 4 days lead to the emergence of natural flavours of the delicious grains used, and gluten properly broken down for easier digestion.

    All our bakes are free of artificial improvers and preservatives.