Chef KenJ

Chef KenJ

Chef Profile

Croisserie Artisan Bakery's chief baker since 2014. Inspired by Japanese French and Respectus Panis baking techniques, Chef KenJ’s modest desire is to see guests having good bread (Bon Pain). This is the core of the Malaysian baker’s philosophy in his profession.

Chef KenJ enjoys experimenting to explore ideas that challenge conventions and inspire new flavours; a self-taught baker who is always seeking continuous development in his techniques and perfecting his craft, as in his opinion, “the ideal bread in mind is always one step away”. Throughout his career spanning over a decade, he has gained extensive experience in various segments in the bakery industry: retail, in-store, wholesale, and food service. Embracing the three key food trends: health, pleasure and convenience, Chef KenJ expresses his passion and creativity by handcrafting the bakery products with stringent selection of using only the finest quality raw materials and natural ingredients; using locally grown produce and collaboration with local artisans whenever possible; putting procedures in place; monitoring the consistency of products; and maintaining meticulous hygiene practices.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery under Chef KenJ’s lead is currently serving a wide range of bread and pastries: Pain du Monde (bread of the world), Viennoiseries (croissants, brioche), Goûters (tea time treats), Petit Gâteaux (small cakes, individual desserts, etc), tartes and traiteur (ready-to-eat savoury délices).

Our bakes are inspired by Japanese French and Respectus Panis (with respect to bread) techniques. Our bread is slowly fermented with levain (sourdough), and uses imported stoneground flours, sea salt and filtered water. Our viennoiseries and pastries use natural ingredients such as French butter, French cream, milk and eggs.

All our bakes are free of artificial improvers and preservatives. Customers can enjoy Bon Pain (Good Bread), baked fresh daily, with peace of mind.

Chef KenJ